Welcome to Spain! As a tourist, having reliable mobile internet access is crucial to make the most of your trip. Getting a local Orange SIM card Spain or eSIM is one of the best options to stay connected across Spain.

In this detailed guide, I will cover everything you need to know about getting a Orange tourist SIM or eSIM in Spain – network coverage, best data plans, where to buy, tips & tricks, pros & cons, and alternatives. Let’s get started!

Orange sim cards spain for Tourists

I. Quick Facts about Orange Mobile Network

Orange Spain is the top mobile provider in the country. As part of the large Orange telecom group in Europe, it was originally called Amena but changed to Orange in 2006 like its parent company. Today over 20 million Spanish customers rely on Orange for their wireless service.

Orange Spain Mobile

Orange has a solid lead over competitors Vodafone and Movistar with a 28% market share. Both prepaid and contract plans are available on its widespread 4G LTE network, covering almost all of Spain. Speedy home internet, TV packages, and business solutions round out what they offer.

Based in the capital Madrid, Orange employs around 4,500 workers to run operations nationwide. Their network connects Spain to cables running to Europe and Latin America too. While 4G reaches most areas, 5G is coming to bigger cities now as well.

All in all, Orange Spain has been a driving force in Spanish mobile communications for years. Whether you’re looking for an individual or business plan, Orange provides reliable connectivity across the country.

II. Orange Mobile Internet Coverage & Speed in Spain

The OpenSignal report in July 2023 has some interesting insights to share about the performance of the Orange network in Spain. Let’s take a look!

Orange Mobile Internet Coverage & Speed
  • Availability: Orange scored 97.5% for 4G availability, which is on par with the other major operators in Spain. This means 4G service from Orange is accessible almost all the time throughout most of Spain.
  • Download Speed Experience: Orange recorded an average 4G download speed of 34.1 Mbps. This puts them slightly below Vodafone and Movistar, but still well above the country average and sufficient for most tasks.
  • Upload Speed Experience: Orange achieved an average 4G upload speed of 11.7 Mbps. Their upload speeds were consistent with the other main operators in Spain.
  • Latency Experience: Orange had a 4G latency score of 37.7 ms. Latency measures how long it takes for a packet of data to get from the phone to the server and back again. Lower is better, and Orange exhibited good average responsiveness.
  • Video Experience: Users on the Orange network in Spain were able to enjoy high definition video streaming content around 86.9% of the time based on testing.

In summary, Orange provides a very reliable 4G network across Spain with availability nearly matching the top players. While their speeds may not be the absolute fastest, they are more than fast enough to browse, stream, chat, and use other data-heavy apps without issue for the majority of users. Network performance is strong and consistent overall.

III. Top Orange SIM Card Spain for Tourists

Top Orange SIM Card Spain for Tourists

Here are the best Orange prepaid SIM card options for tourists visiting Spain:

Plan Go Fly Go Run Go Walk Holidays Pass 5 Holidays Pass 15
Calls and Texts Unlimited 50 national and international minutes 100 national and international minutes
Network 4G/LTE
Validity 28 Days 5 Days 15 Days
Data 100GB 50GB 25GB Unlimited
Charge (€) €20 €15 €10 €15 €25
Roaming Roaming in the EU
Pros The most complete offer with the largest amount of storable GB for the same price as other plans A balanced offer in features and price. The most affordable plan, suitable for light users. Similar to the above but for an even shorter period and fewer minutes. A plan with more data for a shorter period of days, designed for holidays.

Tip: Check for special offers – Orange often runs promotions with discounted plans or bonus data/minutes for new or existing customers.

IV. Top Orange eSIM Spain for Tourists

In addition to physical SIM cards, Orange also offers eSIM plans for tourists. An eSIM (embedded SIM) allows you to activate mobile data plans directly on eSIM capable phones without needing a physical plastic SIM.

Orange eSIM profiles provide the same number, service plan, and billing experience as physical SIM cards. Users have the ability to store multiple international eSIM profiles from various carriers on devices like the iPhone, and easily switch the active profile wirelessly when traveling abroad. If an eSIM device requires repair services, the profile must first be deleted as eSIMs cannot be reinstalled once removed.

To utilize an eSIM as the main mobile line, Orange customers can visit any retail store location or call customer support to have their existing SIM swapped for an eSIM profile for a one-time fee of 5 euros.

If you’re looking for a different choice using Orange mobile network, esimspain.net also provides some fairly convenient eSIM options you could consider

Best eSIM Spain Plans

Some of the plans available include:

  • 3-day Spain eSIM: 1GB-20GB of daily data and prices ranging from $6-43.90.
  • 5-day Spain eSIM: 1GB-20GB daily data for $6-44.
  • 7-day Spain eSIM: 1GB-20GB daily data for $6.50-45.
  • 10-day Spain eSIM: 1-3GB daily data between $6.50-47.
  • 14-day Spain eSIM with data and calls: 8GB/20GB data and free calls for $21.90-43.90.

These plans have the advantage of being purchased and activated directly online on a compatible device, without needing to visit a store.

V. Calls & SMS Rate of Orange SIM Card Spain

Note: Data usage while roaming in EU is at domestic Spanish prices for Orange plans. But beware of high costs if using data while roaming in non-EU destinations outside Europe.

Orange prepaid plans and SIM cards include free calls within bundles but charged post usage, while SMS and data have fixed bundled or pay-per-use prices depending on the subscribed plan and region in Spain.

Basic Charge Tariff (€)
Calls to Orange numbers in Spain/EU beyond monthly bundle limit €0.2066-€0.2273/min depending on region
Call establishment fee €0.2645-€0.2856 depending on region
SMS to Spanish and EU numbers €0.1500-€0.1815 depending on plan and region
FlexiSMS 1 Bonus (50 SMS for 28 days) €0.8264
MMS €1.5702-€1.9000 depending on region
Out of bundle internet data in Spain €0.4959/10MB
Out of bundle data roaming in EU €0.0020/MB
Charge for changing plan over 5 times/year €3.00-€3.63 depending on region

Tip: Use WIFI for making international calls or use apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime to avoid roaming charges.

VI. How to Top Up Your Orange SIM Card Spain

How to Top Up Your Orange SIM Card Spain

You can top up or recharge your Orange Spain SIM card using multiple convenient options:

1. Top up Online through the Orange Website:

  • Go to orange.es and click on “Top Up Online”
  • Enter the phone number you want to top up
  • Enter the amount you want to add (minimum of €5)
  • Choose if you want to pay by credit/debit card or Bizum
  • Enter your payment details and click “Make Payment”

Note: You can top up in multiples of €5, such as €5, €10, €15 etc. The daily limit is €300 and monthly limit is €1000.

2. Top up by Phone by Calling 1470:

  • When prompted, say “RECARGA”
  • Specify the top up amount
  • Provide your credit/debit card details including number, expiration date and CVC code

3. Mi Orange App Top up:

  • Download Mi Orange app and log in
  • Go to “Recargas” (“Top Ups”) section
  • Select phone number to top up from dropdown
  • Choose top up amount between €5-€300
  • Select payment method (cards or Bizum)
  • Enter necessary payment details and top up is applied instantly

4. Other Top up Methods

You can top up your Orange prepaid SIM card at various retail stores across Spain. Some of the popular store chains where you can top up include:

  • Supermarkets like Alcampo, Carrefour, Día, El Corte Inglés etc.
  • Convenience stores like tobacco shops
  • Orange stores

Most tourists find online top using international credit/debit card or PayPal to be the most convenient method to recharge their Orange Spain SIM without having to go find a store.

VII. How to Check Orange SIM Card Spain Balance – All Orange USSD Codes You Need to Know

Here are two ways to check your balance using your pay as you go Orange line.

1. Via Orange WhatsApp:

  • Save the Orange WhatsApp number +34 653 85 00 85
  • Send a message to this number using your pay as you go line
  • In the message write “Check my balance”
  • You will receive a response with your current balance

2. Dial *111#:

  • Press the call button on your mobile phone
  • Dial *111#
  • Press the call button again
  • You will see your current balance on the first page
  • You have 5 free accesses to the *111# menu, after that each additional access costs 0.25 euros

Now let’s save these codes in your phone contacts to easily check Orange usage and balances during your trip:

USSD Code What It Does Additional Information
*111# Check balance and consumption details Shows balance, available minutes and GB (if part of a plan). Free to use 5 times, then 0.18€ per use
*121# Check mobile internet balance Shows amount of mobile data available
*131# Check expiration date of your current pass or package Shows validity period remaining on active pass/package
*141# Turn on/off caller ID Allows you to hide or show your number when calling others
*151# Check minutes, SMS and MB consumption by day/week/month Breakdown of usage by time period
*861# Change PIN code Allows modifying the PIN used to access various menus

VIII. Where to Buy Orange SIM Card Spain and eSIM for Tourists?

1. Buy a physical Orange SIM Card:

You can find your nearest store location by using the store locator on the Orange Spain website

If you’re looking to get an Orange SIM card in Spain, you’ve got a few good options to choose from.

  • Visit an Orange store: The most straightforward is to head to your nearest Orange store. You can find store locations easily on the Orange website by entering your city or zip code. The staff at Orange stores are super helpful and will get you set up in no time.
  • Authorized Retailer: If there’s no Orange store handy, no worries! Lots of other stores sell Orange SIMs too. Places like FNAC, El Corte Inglés tech sections, and some Vodafone stores usually have them in stock. You may also find SIMs at local newsstands or convenience stores.
  • You can order an Orange SIM card online from the Orange Spain website and have it delivered to your home or business address. Go to: https://www.orange.es/sim-moviles/comprar-sim, select the prepaid SIM card option, add to cart and complete the purchase.
  • Another option is to purchase an Orange SIM card from one of the numerous vending machines located across Spain. These self-service kiosks are usually found at metro stations, airports and other public places.

Note: Remember to carry your passport as ID proof. The starter SIM pack costs €10-20 with prepaid credit included.

2. Buy an Orange eSIM online:

Here are the common steps to buy an Orange eSIM:

  • Find an eSIM provider that operates in Spain and offers Orange networks. You can order an eSIM online from esimspain.net before your trip for instant activation upon arrival.
  • Sign up for an Orange eSIM plan with esimspain.net. Choose a data plan that suits your needs. Some plans offer pay-as-you-go options while others have monthly plans.
  • eSIM Spain will then generate an Orange eSIM profile containing your plan details and phone number. They will email you the eSIM profile or provide a QR code to scan.
  • Activate the eSIM on your phone. Once activated, your Orange eSIM will automatically connect to the network and you can start using your data.
How esimspain.net benefits you
Learn more about How to Install an eSIM

The eSIM setup on your device should only take 2-3 minutes once you have the profile from esimspain.net. If you’re having trouble activating, their support team can help troubleshoot via live chat on WhatsApp available in many languages like English, Spanish, French, etc. for quick resolution.


  • Confirm your device’s eSIM compatibility – All phones do not have the ability to use eSIM technology. Before buying, make sure your mobile model is listed as compatible on the provider’s website.
  • After activating the eSIM, take a picture of the details as a precaution. This screenshot could prove handy if you require assistance later or want to alter your package.

IX. Other Connection Alternatives for Tourists in Spain

When traveling to Spain as a tourist, having reliable connectivity options is essential for staying connected with loved ones, accessing information, and navigating unfamiliar surroundings. Here are some connection alternatives for tourists in Spain:

Mobile Internet in Spain

1. Other Local SIM Cards:

All four of Spain’s largest mobile operators – Orange, Vodafone, Movistar, and Yoigo – offer nation wide coverage across the country. However, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Mobile Operators Pros Cons
Movistar (Telefonica) Has the most extensive infrastructure and is able to provide near ubiquitous coverage across urban and rural areas Comes at a higher price point for consumers
Vodafone Provides similarly broad coverage while also delivering fast speeds on its 4G/5G technology Comes at a relatively high cost
Yoigo Is the most budget-friendly option thanks to cheaper plans Its network relies more on roaming agreements and doesn't offer as comprehensive coverage or additional services as the other major players.
Orange Good 4G and emerging 5G coverage across Spain. Affordable data rates compared to other EU countries and Auto-renewals of plan possible for longer trips Patchy coverage in extremely remote villages/areas. Peak speeds slower than Movistar but still satisfactory

For robust connectivity throughout your trip in Spain, Orange mobile is a reliable choice over other operators. The pros outweigh their few limitations.

2. Other Connectivity Options for Tourists:

The most popular options include portable Wi-Fi devices, public Wi-Fi networks, and international roaming through your home cellular provider. Each option has its own pros and cons depending on needs and budget.

Connectivity Option Description Pros Cons
Portable Wi-Fi Device Portable Wi-Fi devices, also known as pocket Wi-Fi or Mi-Fi, offer the convenience of having a personal Wi-Fi hotspot that can be shared among multiple devices.
  • They provide a stable and secure connection, and some companies offer unlimited data plans.
  • Best suited to traveling families or business travelers.
Renting or purchasing a portable Wi-Fi device comes with additional costs. The device needs to be charged regularly, and there may be limitations on data speed or coverage depending on the provider.
Public Wi-Fi Major cities like Madrid and Barcelona have free public WiFi available in some areas like airports, train stations, tourist spots and coffee shops. They offer free or low-cost internet access and can be convenient for light internet usage. But coverage outside major urban centers will be limited. You'll need to remain within range of access points. Speed and reliability can also vary depending on the number of users.
International Roaming If your mobile carrier supports international roaming, it can provide seamless connectivity without the need for a local SIM or portable Wi-Fi device.
  • You don't have to change your home country number
  • For European travelers, using data roaming with your home EU carrier may be convenient.
  • International roaming charges can be exorbitant, and data speeds and allowances may be limited. 
  • If you're Non-European travelers, you should probably avoid using data roaming with your home carrier if possible


Tip: When considering the connection alternatives, tourists should evaluate their budget, duration of stay, data requirements, and convenience. It’s advisable to research and compare options before traveling to Spain to ensure uninterrupted connectivity throughout their trip.

X. FAQs about Orange SIM Card Spain and eSIM

Can I buy Orange SIM card Spain at Barcelona airport on arrival?

Yes, there are Orange outlets at Barcelona El Prat airport arrivals where you can conveniently buy their tourist SIM card packs on landing in Spain.

What documents do I need to buy Orange SIM Card?

Orange Holiday SIM has a 30 days validity while the regular prepaid SIM lasts 28 days from activation. You can recharge to extend validity as needed.

Does Orange SIM work in rest of Europe?

Yes, Orange Spain plans include the benefit of EU roaming. So you can use your data, calls and SMS across Europe at no extra cost.

How fast is 4G speed of Orange network in Spain?

Orange 4G LTE download speeds average 20-50 Mbps in cities and towns in optimal coverage. In rural areas and congestion, expect 3G speeds.

How to check Orange data balance?

To check data balance on your Orange SIM, dial *134*2# to see remaining data left. You can also text DATA to 22022 free of charge.

Does Orange travel eSIM exist?

Yes, Orange has eSIM versions of their Holiday SIM and other prepaid plans. You can buy them online from eSIM providers like esimspain.net and directly use on your phone.

XI. Final Words

I hope this detailed guide gives you all the information you need to get connected with Orange mobile network in Spain. Their prepaid SIM card and eSIM plans are designed specifically for tourists to enjoy the convenience of high-speed data, affordable local calling, extensive coverage and roaming across Europe.

Orange hits a nice balance between price, network quality and good plan benefits compared to other Spanish carriers. For reliable connectivity across Spain, we highly recommend picking up an Orange Holiday SIM on arrival or ordering an eSIM online in advance before your travels.

Have a great trip and stay connected with Orange!